Bakos Brothers

Classic and Contemporary Ottoman

An Ottoman is much more than just a small bench or footstool.

This unique design takes on a number of forms, more than enough to add a classy and comfortable accent to your home. The sheer number of possibilities that open up in a room, all thanks to an Ottoman, are nothing short of amazing.

Like conventional couches, Ottomans also come in classic or contemporary styles. Contemporary Ottoman tend to be bolder when it comes to unconventional frames, leather and daring, solid colours. Classic Ottomans take softer lines and corners, and usually include plush cushion and patterned fabrics with more traditional tones.

The Ottoman design is a mix of engineering prowess and a savvy sense of d├ęcor. Ideal for a contemporary daybed, or surrounded with sofas to make a classic, cosy centrepiece for your family seating,