Bakos Brothers

Contemporary Luxury Couches

Create a welcoming space for fun and relaxation with a contemporary sofa.

Distinct details set the contemporary sofa design apart. You can choose a polished sofa created to match modern architecture, or a plush couch inspired by the linear, “Atomic” designs of the 1960s. Enjoy the benefits of modern forms integrated with classic and contemporary materials. The modern couch also comes in many leather and fabric . These combine a sleek and stylish look with comfort and durability.

Choose a strong, unique colour and fabric combination, like plush blue velvet or glossy orange leather, and make a statement in your modern home. Find a unique shape for your custom room, like a striking crescent moon for a soft corner, or a circular sofa as a room centrepiece.

The modern sofa combines luxury life and contemporary culture, and provides a satisfying space for futuristic fun. Your contemporary couch is perfect in a modern lounge, in front of the gaming console and high-definition television or an inviting seating space for your room with a view. These contemporary couch designs provide comfort and foster social interaction, while keeping with the modern design of the home.