Bakos Brothers

Classic Sofas

Graceful curves, thick plush cushions, and rich details are the defining features of the classic sofa design.

These are deep, luxurious couches that often dominate a room with their elaborate details such as plush seating and carved wood.

Dramatically different at first glance, the versatility of the classic couch makes it ideal for matching your interior décor. A Chesterfield with a high, graceful back is a classic sofa evocative of a London gentleman’s club or a 1920s American saloon, while the Duchess with tasselled cushions and other embellishments is a classic couch reminiscent of the Victorian era.

Whether you choose the Chesterfield or something else, you can find classic leather sofas and fabric sofas in a mix of patterns and shades to fit virtually any colour, style, or décor theme. If your drawing room, foyer, library or lounge needs a couch, look for a classic design.

The classic couch comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, making it a great match for round corners, high windows, and other personalised home designs. Despite their thick, heavy look, size is never a problem. We manufacture classic sofas in three seaters, two seaters, chairs and other combinations.